Challenge: Generate passion, participation and pocketbook-emptying for a non-profit organization that pairs adult shelter pets (a.k.a. the ones typically picked last) with military vets ... in a sea of charities grappling for funding and a share of your heartstrings.

Action: We developed an approachable yet powerful brand in which animal lover meets patriotism, striking an emotional chord on multiple levels and helping the organization transition from newbie to beloved, with nearly 200,000 Facebook fans and over 600 successful adoptions in just a few years' time.

"I honestly don't know where we would be without Fox + Gazelle. From the days when our nonprofit organization was little more than a dream to our reality today as a nationally operating charity, they provide that rare combination of wicked smarts and splendid creativity to everything they touch. Working with them is nothing short of pure joy."

- Beth Zimmerman, Founder, Pets for Patriots