Challenge: Overcome decades of negative perceptions to convey the inherent value in a powerful technology and drug development platform.

Action: We rebranded the organization with a new name, corporate identity and value proposition that married visionary science with actionable treatments, enabling their technology to take the lead in a sophisticated corporate story. Through a proprietary graphic approach for their science, and a vast suite of verbal and visual elements to articulate their potential, we created a unifying launch pad for their corporate transformation.

"The team at Fox + Gazelle has helped me solve brand challenges big and small … at multiple companies. Our work together has included a corporate brand refresh, technology positioning, scientific story development, a new corporate website, a major market development campaign, scientific communications, and a million small projects essential for consistent brand communications. With beautiful and impactful graphic design, they bring brand stories to life.

The hallmarks of F+G are thoughtful strategy and seamless 'I don't know how they did that' execution under pressure; in a frequently complex cross-functional corporate environment, they solve problems rather than create them."

- Jim Baker, Former Director Corporate Communications, Sarepta Therapeutics